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Book Review: After Dark

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as simple as: i'm not interested in a 19 years old teenager diary and a mental programmer.

I wanted to stop reading it many times, but I was giving myself hope that there is something coming, wait for it. Yet, I was wrong, the book can attract you in some few pages but as soon as the writer could put you down.

About the book

Book cover of After Dark
Book cover of After Dark
Book Title After Dark
Book Author Haruki Murakami
Published 2004
Format Paperback
Pages 191
Average Ratings by Others 3.75
ISBN 0307265838
Description In After Dark—a gripping novel of late night encounters—Murakami’s trademark humor and psychological insight are distilled with an extraordinary, harmonious mastery.

Nineteen-year-old Mari is waiting out the night in an anonymous Denny’s when she meets a young man who insists he knows her older sister, thus setting her on an odyssey through the sleeping city. In the space of a single night, the lives of a diverse cast of Tokyo residents—models, prostitutes, mobsters, and musicians—collide in a world suspended between fantasy and reality. Utterly enchanting and infused with surrealism, After Dark is a thrilling account of the magical hours separating midnight from dawn.
Source Goodreads Website