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Book Review: How to Cure a Fanatic

Author: Omar Shamali
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The Israeli writer, who killed Palestinians as an Israeli soldier, tried in this book to take advantage of readers who have little acquaintance of the Jewish occupation, or what is called Israel, of Palestine.

Summary of whats written in this book:
1. USA has no responsibility, even though they are supporting Israel with tons of guns and tax-money.

2. Using the term Israeli-Jews vs. Palestinian-Arabs; note the religious attachment to Israel, but for Palestinian he says Arab (nation) not Palestinian-Muslims. It is whether you make the religion is the base of your argument or you do not, for both parties, not one. Thinking people are stupid.

3. The massacres and bombardment of hundreds of towns by Jewish hands on the peaceful Palestinians on 1948 are not the Israeli responsibility, rather its the Arabs. In that sense, he is literally saying that the holocaust is not Hitler's responsibility, rather, its European!

4. He is insisting and repeating that the Europeans, especially UK has done wrong to the Jews, but the UK is the country that illegally handed Palestine to the Jewish!

5. Justice has to be made by making the country of Israel triple the size of the state of Palestine. Ironic.

6. Now what made me actually glad to read this book is the fun of this idea: The writer wants the USA to fund a tunnel between West Bank and Gaza Strip that is 45 miles long (72 KM)! That is about triple the longest tunnel ever made by human being -LÆRDALSTUNNELEN 25KM long, Switzerland-. The brilliant-just-peaceful Amos Oz, expects children to stay in tunnel for hours and hours to reach a beach!

7. Claim that 100 000 houses and 200 000 jobs for the Palestinian refugees will solve the issue. That is for a person who does not know the real numbers will think "Yes, that means the Palestinian refugees do not exceed couple of hundreds of thousands." Where the true number exceeds 6 million Palestinian refugees. That is the leader of peace movement in Israel say, delusions and lies.

On the other hand, and to be fair and objective, he was true about these things:

1. Bin Ladin is brutal, destructive, and terrorist. That is very right, as exactly as Ben Gorion, Arel Sharon, Moshe Dayan as terrorists who killed tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian children in cold blood.

2. Fanaticism is one of the worst causes of the world's wars.

3. Europeans keep offering coffee to solve things; where Palestine won't be freed this way. Agreed.

About the book

Book cover of How to Cure a Fanatic
Book cover of How to Cure a Fanatic
Book Title How to Cure a Fanatic
Book Author Amos Oz
Published 2002
Format Paperback
Pages 104
Average Ratings by Others 4.06
ISBN 0691148635
Description Internationally acclaimed novelist Amos Oz grew up in war-torn Jerusalem, where as a boy he witnessed firsthand the poisonous consequences of fanaticism. In two concise, powerful essays, the award-winning author offers unique insight into the true nature of extremism and proposes a reasoned and respectful approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also comments on related issues―the Gaza pullout, Yasser Arafat's death, and the war in Iraq―in an extended interview at the end of the book.

The brilliant clarity of these essays, coupled with Oz’s ironic sense of humor in illuminating the serious, breathes new life into this old debate. Oz argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a war of religion or cultures or traditions, but rather a real estate dispute―one that will be resolved not by greater understanding, but by painful compromise.

Fresh, insightful, and inspiring, How to Cure a Fanatic brings a new voice of sanity to the cacophony on Israeli-Palestinian relations―a voice no one can afford to ignore.
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