Omar Shamali

Encode URL for Better SEO

Author: Omar Shamali
Writing Date:

Should I worry about the URL encoding form in terms of SEO?

Of course you should worry, as the URLs in your website is the main navigation method, and the URLs represent your site structure or as known as sitemap.

URL encoding is critical for search engines

Each search engine has its' own standards, but there are common standards, one of them is reading and considering URLs of anchors as primary navigation structure.

URL recommended form by Google Search Engine

Google as it is the most used search engine, generally speaking, has declared a list of recommendations, and as we care about Google, we shall consider them carefully.


And to keep it short for you, here is what Google recommend about URL encoding, I quote:

Use UTF-8 encoding as necessary. For example, the following example uses UTF-8 encoding for Arabic characters in the URL:


Here is what Google not recommend about URL encoding, I quote:

Not recommended: Using non-ASCII characters in the URL:نعناع